Why stock is part of Lee Torrence’s giving strategy

December 12, 2017

For NCF giver and former IBM executive Lee Torrence, giving appreciated stock instead of cash is a smarter way to make an impact. In this special episode, Boyd Bailey, President of our NCF Georgia office, joins Lee to discuss the steps Lee takes to maximize his tax savings and send more to his favorite causes.


Making a real impact with gifts of real estate and water rights

November 16, 2017

Jamie and Sarah Baessler decided early on to pursue a life of generosity both personally and through their home-building business. To inspire giving at work, they adopted core values that invite their employees to be more generous. And they turned to NCF to help them donate appreciated real estate and even water rights, which reduced their tax burden and sent more to the causes they love.


Giving hope under the weight of war

October 10, 2017

Last year, NCF helped John and Cindy make an innovative gift when they sold a portion of their business. This gift allowed them to help fund an emergency field hospital – positioned a short distance outside Mosul, Iraq – through Samaritan’s Purse. Not only were John and Cindy able to give more to ministry through the gift, but they had the opportunity to learn how their gift is sharing the love of Christ in the face of extreme terrorism.


What two Harvard MBAs learned about God and money

August 24, 2017

 John Cortines and Greg Baumer, two Harvard MBAs, were on the fast track to wealth and success when they began an earnest exploration of their spiritual questions about faith and wealth. What they learned along the way transformed their thinking about money and how to give wisely. In this podcast, these two young professionals share what it means to pursue radical generosity with their growing families and how their Giving Funds with NCF are a key part of their strategy to living a generous life.


Lauren Scruggs Kennedy finds beauty in brokenness

June 1, 2017

Five years ago, NCF giver, model, and author Lauren Scruggs Kennedy survived a tragic plane propellor accident that took her left arm and eye ... and changed her life forever. But through her faith in Christ and her family's support, she persevered and has become an advocate for other women who have suffered limb loss. Lauren's passion compelled her to open an NCF Giving Fund called the Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation, with a mission to to provide funds for women and girls to receive a beautiful, silicon covering for their prostheses.


Sleepless in Seattle with the Chapmans

February 21, 2017

Why would a pair of innovative software engineers prefer to spend an almost sleepless night once a month with Seattle's diverse homeless population? NCF givers Craig and April Chapman know what it how to give beyond the check, and not just because they give private stock. Now they’re investing their time by doing hands-on ministry, and it's brought more adventure and joy than they imagined.


A mistake and a miracle: Kim King’s surprising giving story

January 18, 2017

When NCF giver Kim King recommended what she thought was a small grant from her Giving Fund and soon-after received a huge "thank you" call from the ministry's CEO, she knew something wasn't right. Kim did some research and found that she had mistakenly entered a comma instead of a decimal online, which made a huge difference in the amount of her grant ... and her impact.


Giving stock and giving back: Keith and Terri Davidson’s story

December 15, 2016

Keith and Terri Davidson are NCF givers and owners of a prominent apartment management company in Atlanta, Georgia. Early on, their like-minded financial advisor developed a comprehensive plan that included giving appreciated stock – instead of writing checks – to their Giving Fund at NCF, which helped them save in capital gains taxes and make a bigger impact in their community.


How Casey Crawford is using his business to ignite a movement of change

November 14, 2016

Casey Crawford, founder and CEO of Movement Mortgage and former NFL player, started a mortgage company during the financial meltdown of 2008. His motivation was simple: he needed to feed his family. But then he heard from the Lord. The purpose of his business wasn’t to grow Casey's kingdom; it was to grow God's Kingdom. So he decided to move the profits primarily into ministry work and invest in his community and others around the world.


Special Edition: Announcing NCF’s new CEO, Chris Holdorf!

November 3, 2016

Our team at NCF is excited to announce that Chris Holdorf will join us in December as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO)! Chris brings a wealth of experience and expertise in corporate, church, and non-profit settings, including a focus on finance and business leadership. But most importantly, he has a strong, growing faith in God that supports NCF's vision to see every person reached and restored through the love of Christ.